Winds – World

World Class groups are the standard setting branch of the Winds family.  These are the innovators of indoor Winds who set the direction of the activity through the standards of creative design and performance achievements.  They explore new challenges of dexterity, musical and physical skill within original and unique programs.  They are comfortable dealing with abstraction and are strongly influenced by the Arts.  Their exploration is the highest level of creative potential.  They expect judges to understand and support their creative efforts and be able to make discerning separations between  their achievements and those of their competitors.  The adjudication within those “works in progress” is more likened to the response of the critic.  Judges must have a highly developed sense of all musical and visual techniques as well as design and creative standards.

Our goal is to assist in the fulfillment of their potential and to reward their achivements in a discerning manner, maintaining the premise that those advanced skills require new and sophisticated training.  To judge these groups with the greatest consistency and success requires a thorough understanding of their goals.

Here is where the advanced students explores the optimum challenge through widely varied performance techniques and musicianship, while understanding fully the joy of performance communication and the victory of audience involvement.  Those individuals privileged to judge this class are entrusted to recognize, support and reward the standards and challenges demonstrated within this class while upholding strong standards of excellence.

Scholastic World Class is consistently aged 14 through 17 because of the make-up of the high school arena.  Often this class will consist of upper classmen.  Unlike the Independent World Class, these performers are rarely over 18 years of age.  Groups have strongly defined personalities and are highly creative and unique.  They explore innovative program concepts.  The depth of their training and skills is strong.

Independent World Class performers demonstrate a high degree of musical and physical development.  They are very experienced and fully trained and their is no age limit.  Programs are unique and innovative and these components are important at this level.  Some very sophisticated challenges will be placed on the performers.

When judging this class, the judge becomes the “critic” and should respect the knowledge of the instructors and designers.  Dialog should be a learning exchange between instructor and judge.