Unit Registration / Show Management

Registration for 2018 Season is Now Open!!! See below

Returning Units:  


1)  Go into your Competition Suite Account using a computer (Phone App will not work), This link will take you directly to the registration page, make you sure you select the correct class and then the correct program in the find Existing Group Box: https://competitionsuite.com/membership/?o=7A69853A-A703-4EE0-B128-37A2F0509B51


You will need to complete the membership form to register as a unit for 2018 prior to registering for shows.


CHANGING CLASSES IN 2018??  You change classes in the registration process as long as that class change doesn’t put you into a different fee class.  If that is the case, please e-mail Tina Bowman to make this change manually @ Tika2day@aol.com 


Independent Units please fill in directors name a second time in the Emergency Contact Information section, this is a required section is locked in by the site.


Click the Orange “Complete membership” box to move to next step.


2) Complete the Payment Information Section.  You have two options Invoice or Credit Card.  Invoices must be paid prior to the draw date deadlines to be including in those draws and must be paid before the show close dates to be put on the final schedule.  This is two weeks before the performance weekend.


Click Green “Save Payment Information” Box


An invoice or receipt will be sent to your email.


3) Click your group name under the membership drop down box.


4) Click the Registration Tab on the menu bar (has a little bus next to it)


5) A list of shows pops up, just click the Green Register box on the shows you plan to attend and than click the “Finish Registration” box at the top of the list.


To make changes to your schedule just go back into the registration tab and register or cancel as needed.


Guest Units:


Follow the instructions for returning (or new member unit if it is your first time at OIPA) just choose “Non-Member Membership” when choosing your class category.  If you are registering for two shows contact Circuit Administrator for proper invoicing at tika2day@aol.com



This years Draw Deadlines will be: First Draw – November 22nd, Second Draw – December 15th.


2018 Membership & Registration Fees

  • Color Guards: A, Open, World → $525.00
  • Percussion: A, Open, World → $525.00
  • Color Guards: All Regional A Classes → $500.00
  • Percussion: Regional A → $500.00
  • Lines and Festival Units: → $475.00
  • Winds: A, Open, World → $525.00

2018 Guest Units 

Guest units may register for one show and add a second show later for $75. Guest units must upgrade to a full membership to attend state championships.

  • Guest Unit: 1 Show → $150
  • Guest Unit: 2 Shows → $225