Regional A Color Guard

There is a broad spectrum of levels with the Regional A Class.  Here we find performers who are experiencing their first set of skills at a body and equipment level and journey through the developmental levels that take them to the point where they are ready to move into the higher, more challenging A Class. This class is unique because of the makeup of member guards.  It is common to find groups ranging from elementary school age, intermediate age and even beginning high school groups.  In some instances there could be a group with a varsity level in the A Class while these younger less experiences students comprise their Regional A guard.  As a result of this, their ages range from as young as 7 or 8 to as high as 18 in the Scholastic Regional A Class and up to 22 years of age in the Independent Regional A Class.  While the latter is not common for Independent Regional A guards, it nonetheless is a possibility.

Score Sheets

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