Open Class

This exciting class finds guards exploring greater challenges with emphasis on more complex equipment and body skills set in more challenging programs.  The maturity and training enforced through the A Class experience, allow these guards to explore more demanding equipment and body vocabulary.  Standard tosses will be higher with the higher aerials most commonly fives in Scholastic Open and sixes in Independent Opens.  We can expect to see a greater variation on releases and catches as well as a more extended blend with the body.  We can expect to see extended phrasing and the further development of traveling as vocabulary opportunities reflect the shift from ‘transition’ to connect events to ‘development’.

Open Class is where we see the growth in performer’s ability offering greater choreographic choices.  We will expect to see this impact all captions, further separating these guards from their A Class counterparts.  This shift in opportunity will challenge not only the students but designers and choreographers as well.

Score Sheets

Movement Scoresheet

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General Effect Scoresheet

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Equipment Scoresheet

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Design Analysis Scoresheet

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Timing and Penalty